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Marta Carol
Responsible for Communications
24/11/2021 La Cámara de Comercio de Mallorca organiza la tercera feria de empleo juvenil      
21/10/2021 Dona Impuls atiende 470 consultas de emprendedoras      
20/10/2021 Abierto el proceso electoral 2022      
29/09/2021 Fomento del autoempleo      
28/09/2021 Nueva oficina de gestión de proyectos europeos      

Annual Activities Report

The Mallorca Chamber publishes an Annual Activities Report in which the main actions carried out by the different work commissions and departments of the corporation are reported.  

Digital Newsletter

Infocambra is the Mallorca Chamber's digital newsletter reporting weekly news generated by the corporation as well as general matters of interest for companies, self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs. 

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