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Hiring Apprentices: Dual Vocational Training Programme

The dual Vocational Training Programme allows you to recruit students by offering them an apprenticeship contract and training them according to your own company culture.

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Ayudas a la contratación de jóvenes

Incentives for Recruitment

The Growth and Employment Stimulus Progamme (PICE) offers you incentives for recruiting young people who have undergone training programmes at the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce.

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Ayudas autoempleo jóvenes

Incentives for Young Self-Employed

If you have participated in the Chamber's PICE programmes and are interested in setting up a business, you can request financial support of up to €600.

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Formación para jóvenes

Training Programmes for Young People

If you are a beneficiary of the European Youth Guarantee initiative, you can improve your employment opportunities by taking part in courses offered by the Growth & Employment Stimulus Programme (PICE).

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European Project: Follow Us

Initiative driven by 8 European entities to create a strategy against youth unemployment

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Virtual Business Campus

Access the online business campus website to continue your training remotely

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