Management of European Funds & Chamber Network Public Tenders

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce, together with the Mallorca Chamber, are together managing a host of programmes being financed by different European funds with the aim of improving competitiveness in SME's.  These programmes are included in different areas of activity within the Mallorca Chamber, who has both the experience and the know how when it comes to assisting companies on how to benefit from these programmes. 

Carlos Bibiloni
Responsible for Projects Office
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Programmes cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


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The Mallorca Chamber of Commerce receives funding from the European Regional Development FundERDF (or FEDER as it is known in Spanish - Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional).

Objectives: to encourage internationalisation, promote technological development, innovation and quality investigation, guarantee a better use of information technologies and achieve a more competitive business environment. 

Within the framework of the Operational Programme Intelligent Growth (POCInt) for the period 2014-2020, we are delivering the following programmes:

  • Reach new markets: we will help you in your first steps towards internationalisation. See Programme Xpande
  • Export from your office: we will help you position your company digitally in order to compete in international markets. See Programme Xpande Digital
  • Differentiate your company to improve your market position: we will help you in the process of innovation. See Programme InnoCámaras
  • Improve your Business using new Information & Communication Technology: we will help you create your digital marketing plan. See Programme TicCámaras
  • Put an end to all your security issues in your business: we can recommend the best options for implementing solutions to improve your competitiveness. See Programme Cibersecurity

The Mallorca Chamber of Commerce is also actively participating in the Programme Support the Retail Industry (learn more).

Programmes cofinanced by the European Social Fund


Objectives: to build entrepreneurship, skills training, quality employment, improve employee adaptability, encourage skills and employability of young people, equality between men and women, encourage labour mobility and the increase in human capital 

  • Programme Business Support to Women (in Spanish known as PAEM): BSWP
  • Programme to support Entrepreneurship in Spain: España Emprende
  • Programme to support Growth & Employment Stimulus Programme: PICE 
  • Programme to support In-house Vocational Training Apprenticeship: FP Dual