Plan de empresa para mujeres

Business Plan for Women

Free individualized advice on the business model of your project and on the financial economic plan.

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Tramitación telemática alta autónomo

How to Register as a Self-Employed Entrepreneur

We can register you online as as a self-employed entrepreneur free of charge as well as advise you about the first steps to take.


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Asesoramiento para emprender

Advice on How to Set Up a Business

We offer free group sessions, individual tailored advice and support on how to set up a business.

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Focus your business idea

If you are an entrepreneur, we advise you for free to define your business idea and study its viability in the market.

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Registro de marca

How to Register a Trademark or Brand Name

We can help you protect your registered trademark or brand name in order to add value to your business and stand out in the marketplace.

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Jornadas informativas

Workshop and courses

Talks, workshops, webinars and courses to be informed and trained on the latest trends in entrepreneurship and business management.


Mallorca Start-Ups

Support, training and advice to the entrepreneur in the process of gestation of the idea and creation of the business.
Mallorca Emprende

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